Active versus Passive Learning

It is well established fact that preschool stage is very important for any kid to develop cognitive, emotional, physical, and social skills. So the role of kindergarten education is very important in child overall growth. The curriculum and how it is deliver in the preschool has very significant role. To understand the effect of various learning activities, let us see the learning triangle shown in the below figure.


The triangle depict that every learning activity has different impact and effect. If the learning is intended to do by reading, coaching, observation or presentation, it is known as passive learning. It is having limited transmission of learning. If it happens through discussion, role play, hand on work, etc., it is known as active learning and it has long lasting effect.  

Active learning involves the kids to participate in activities such as hands-on learning, problem-solving, and exploration. It is a student-centeric process. Passive learning, on the other hand, involves the teacher lecturing without actively engaging the students.

In preschool and kindergarden, active learning is the preferred method of instruction. Active learning allows young children to learn through exploration, play, and hands-on activities. This type of learning engages the child and encourages them to take an active role in the learning process. Passive learning is not as effective for young children as it does not engage them in the learning process, and it does not have long lasting impression on the kids.

Parent must see that the preschool must encourage the kid’s natural curiosity and exploration. The school must have festival celebration, role play and story telling as a usual features because it helps the kids to engage actively in the learning process.

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