"The first 5 years have so much to do with how next 80 turn out."

Our Key Areas of Focus 

The capacity to absorb concepts and learn is highest during ages 2 to 6. Hence it is important factor to expose the child to an environment that provides an aapproppriate stimulus for learning.

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Language
  • Creative
  • Socio Emotional


A child’s path to excellence begins with the perfect role model and the perfect tools.

Research proves that early education is critical because :

  • Brain development is most rapid in the early years
  • 75% of neutral connectivity is complete by the age of 7
  • When the quality of stimulation is deficient, child development is seriously affected.

Active Learning

Active learning is what it sounds like – things are actively engaging. Children remember 90% of what they do.

At TINKER TOTS, Children are encouraged to be independent, critical thinkers with enquiring minds and a love of learning. A true all-round education can never be confined to the four walls of a classroom, here children have many opportunities to learn in different environments. Apart from reading and writing, they will engage in activities like problem solving, acting on objects and interacting with people, ideas and events, it helps in constructing new understanding.

Key Factors of Active Learning

  • Multi- sensory Instruction and materials – to see, feel, hear, smell etc
  • Active involvement
  • freedom to make mistakes
  • The learning experience is personalised
  • Real- world connections are evident
  • There is a clear purpose
  • The experience is student directed
  • Students reflect on the experience

Key Areas



Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect, are at the heart of our philosophy. The capacity to absorb concepts and learn is highest during ages 2 to 6, hence it is important to expose the child to an environment that provides an appropriate stimulus for learning.

“I am Unique”

We acknoweledge the gifts that each child brings into the world, such as innocence, spontaneity, an inquiring nature and a natural motivation to learn and take great care to help children realise their full potential. We recognise that children pass through clearly defined stages of development and we aim to ensure that every child experiences success in their learning and relationship. We put children first and respect them as individuals.

Skill-based Development Through Scaffolded Learning

Scaffolded learning is new lessons and concepts which can be more readily understood and comprehended if support is given to a child as they are learning. It involves teaching a child something new by utilizing things they already know or can already do.

In Tinker Tots we use below strategies for successful use of scaffolded learning –

  • Connect with real life situation
  • Better understanding of use of gestures
  • connect to previous experience
  • Graphic representation
  • Read aloud
  • group/ Partner activities
  • Use of First language

Empowering Teachers to Make a Difference

In Tinker Tots we not only believe in children’s growth and development but also our teacher’s.

In today’s changing time teacher’s need to be updated to get the best of situations. There will be continuous training programme for teachers every week to be updated on the latest methods and techniques.

A healthy discussuions on the experiences and best practices that have been used will be shared for the teachers to be on the same page and grasping learnings from experienced colleagues.


For overall development of the child we at Tinker Tots have designed balanced curriculum which is divided into 4 Parts

  • Expression
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammer
  • Phonology
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Daily life skills
  • Sensorial
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Social skills
  • Independence

Partnership with Parents

At Tinker Tots we believe in sharing our unique experiences with parents. We believe in creating new memories and moments with children and parents that last a lifetime. We treasure Parent’s feedback  suggestions with open minds. We cherish all our members of Tinker tots family with complete gratitude and love.

For better connect we have introduced a new feature called “Home visit”. With parents’ consent teachers will be visiting your home.

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